Seminario Web - Tribunal Internacional contra el Bloqueo de EE. UU. a Cuba

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El domingo 14 de abril la campaña internacional 1c4cuba ha convocado a un seminario web para informar y analizar los resultados del Tribunal Internacional contra el bloqueo de EE.UU. a Cuba, que se celebró en el Parlamento de la UE en Bruselas en noviembre de 2023.

Este evento adquiere una relevancia vital en la lucha contra el bloqueo, una práctica que ha sido calificada por el Tribunal Internacional como una forma de guerra ilegal e ilegítima. En su declaración del 17 de noviembre de 2023, el Tribunal señaló que el bloqueo impuesto por Estados Unidos está diseñado para provocar la destrucción física del pueblo cubano, lo que podría equipararse con un delito de genocidio.

El bloqueo continúa causando estragos en la economía cubana, privando a la población de recursos básicos necesarios para subsistir, especialmente en sectores críticos como la salud, la alimentación y los combustibles.

En un contexto donde las recientes protestas en Cuba han evidenciado las dificultades que enfrenta la población, resulta indignante observar la hipocresía de Estados Unidos, que afirma preocuparse por el bienestar de los cubanos mientras contribuye activamente a estas dificultades. Un ejemplo reciente de esta contradicción es la imposición de una multa de 3,7 millones de dólares al banco suizo EFG por violar medidas del bloqueo contra Cuba. Además, se destinaron más de 50 millones de dólares para acciones subversivas en Cuba, incluyendo programas de manipulación mediática y "promoción de la democracia".

La solidaridad internacional es crucial para detener el impacto del bloqueo a Cuba. Te invitamos a unirte a este evento para escuchar de invitados especiales sobre las experiencias y testimonios del Tribunal Internacional contra el Bloqueo de EE. UU. a Cuba.

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  • Antonio Segura. Miembro del equipo de Fiscales del Tribunal. Colegio de Abogados de Madrid
  • Representante de MediCuba Europa – ONG que realiza donaciones médicas a Cuba, testigo ante el tribunal.
  • David Rodríguez. Coordinador de la Comisión Jurídica del Tribunal
  • Brenda Lopez. LA Hands Off Cuba en EEUU, testigo ante el Tribunal
  • Simon McGuinness – Coordinador Nacional del Grupo de Apoyo de Cuba en Irlanda, Campaña de 1c4Cuba, un centavo para Cuba.

Domingo 14 de abril 18.30 (Londres) 19.30 (Madrid) 13.30 (La Habana)

El seminario contará con videos, invitados especiales y debate en inglés con traducción simultánea al español.


Seminario Web - Tribunal Internacional contra el Bloqueo de EE. UU. a Cuba 

Tell the banks - UNBLOCK CUBA!


Help us challenge the extraterritorial application of the US blockade against Cuba in Europe and Britain.

We need your assistance to gather evidence of how the US blockade has affected you as an individual or your organisation, particularly within the financial sector.

Have you had a bank transaction stopped? Humanitarian donations blocked? Bank account frozen or closed? If so, we need you to share your experiences with us.

We have a quick and easy form for you to complete to help us document instances of the US blockade impacting banking services outside of the United States.


If you have yet to experience a transaction being blocked, join the 1 cent 4 Cuba campaign.*

Help us to gather evidence that shows the illegal imposition of US sanctions in violation of other national laws.

Tell the banks - UNBLOCK CUBA!
#1c4Cuba  #LetCubaLive #UnblockCuba

* The #1c4Cuba campaign was launched by a group of Cuba solidarity organisations in Britain, Europe and Canada in response to banks and financial institutions outside the United States placing Cuba on their list of sanctioned countries, for fear of US fines, despite this violating national legislation which makes this illegal. The international campaign combines street protests and publicity stunts and demanding consumer rights to pursue complaints to the highest level.

For more info see Join the network, share the video and the information to your contacts

Giant Cuban flag in Glasgow’s Queens Park

Cuba solidarity activists unfurled a giant Cuban flag in Glasgow’s Queens Park on Friday 14 April to add their voice to the international movement demanding an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba. The event was supported by activists from Rock Around the Blockade, Cuba Support Group Ireland CSGI, Cubanos en UK and Glasgow FRFI.

The International Tribunal on the US sanctions against the Republic of Cuba

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The International Tribunal on the US sanctions against the Republic of Cuba

Pronounces the following judgment:

The extensive political and economic sanctions imposed on the Republic of Cuba since 1960 up to date violate international law. These include, above all, Articles 2(4) and 2(7) of the UN Charter on the protection of sovereignty, self-determination and the prohibition of intervention, the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948 and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) of 1966, as well as the provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the protection of freedom of trade and numerous principles of the Treaty on European Union (TEU, Maastricht Treaty).

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Stripe blocks humanitarian aid for Cuba

cuba us blockade

Once again, our association Cubanos en UK has fallen victim to the United States blockade of Cuba. Stripe, a payment gateway, has frozen our account with almost £1,000 that we had already raised for medical aid for Matanzas’ hospitals in the wake of the terrible fire earlier this month.

This decision comes only few days after Stripe confirmed that we could use their services to collect online donations on our website (

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Help Cuba fight COVID-19


Pediatric clinical trials have already started on the island in children aged 3 to 18 years with the anti-COVID vaccines Soberana02 and Abdala. The clinical trials were approved by the Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED), the Cuban regulatory body.

The Abdala vaccine, developed by the CIGB, showed an effectivity of 92.2% in the analyses of the third and last phase of clinical trials in adults. On the other hand, the Soberana02 vaccine, developed by IFV, showed 91.2% effectiveness after two shots and a booster with Soberana Plus.

The trials - called "Ismaelillo" and "SoberanaPediatria" - will include 592 and 350 volunteer children and teenagers, respectively, living in urban health areas of Camagüey and Havana provinces.

Request for support

We are kindly requesting your support to acquire some medical equipment for the Cuban doctors working in the clinical trials.

Specifically, 200 of the below items are needed. The items have been added to a Wish List on Amazon and should be shipped to Dr Valia Rodriguez - member of "Cubanos en UK" executive commitee. Her address can be found in the Wish List.

Vaccines protect and save lifes. Let's fight together COVID-19.

Our Wish Lis: Buy Here



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August's #PuentesDeAmor in Brixton against US Blockade and Humanitarian Intervention

puentes de amor cuba2

Today we are gathering here to give to our sisters and brothers of Brixton the news that are not in our TV news or national newspapers for you to know about Cuba and how the new administration of United States of America, the more powerful country in the world, keeps the 60 years old Blockade on our people, the most coercive and unilateral policy aiming to break the soul of the country by hunger and pain.

Last month we explained how the USA using their tentacles all over the world orchestrated a campaign through powerful media that Cuba needed humanitarian assistance due to the failure of the country to deal with the pandemic. Even they propagate the virulent news of the uprising of the people of Cuba against the their government. 

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Cuba receives another donation from “Support Vaccination” Campaign

Sitios Clínicos 5

Cubanos en UK and Juntos x Cuba, associations of Cuban residents in the United Kingdom and in Europe, together with friends of Cuba in Europe, the US and Canada, joined forces to send 50,000 cryotubes to the country to be used for testing immunogenicity in the phase 3 clinical trial of Abdala, one of the five vaccine candidates developed by Cuban scientists. This phase 3 clinical trial is the last stage with volunteers before approval is sought for the Abdala vaccine, in which its safety and efficiency must be confirmed. Efficacy evaluates the relationship between immunogenicity and protection against COVID-19. The cryotubes will allow the serum of vaccinated individuals to be transported at low temperatures (below zero) to the place where the content of antibodies that specifically prevent the coronavirus from entering the human cell will be evaluated.

Despite the difficulties caused by the closure of the first two fundraising platforms set up, with JustGiving and Crowdfunder-UK, due to the extraterritorial application of the criminal US blockade of Cuba, Cubans in the UK continued to collect donations ( to assist the Cuban people.

We thank all the people who have contributed so far for the generous gesture and solidarity with our country. Thanks to this effort, since the beginning of the year we have managed to send donations of medical supplies to Cuba worth £19,874.23. We call on Cuban residents abroad, friends of Cuba and any person in solidarity to continue supporting our country and we invite them to join the International Caravans against the blockade on May 29-30.

Preparación Envio 1

Sitios Clínicos 1

Sitios Clínicos 2

Sitios Clínicos 3

Traslado 1

Traslado 3

Traslado 2

Declaration against ignominy

cubanos en inglaterra londres

Cuban residents in Europe, who advocate that Cuba enjoy the right to self-determination, without foreign interference, and that the criminal Blockade of more than 60 years of the US government against our Homeland be put to an end, as well as all its policy of aggression and asphyxia, we issue the following declaration:

We, Cuban residents in Europe, who gather around of the movement Encuentro de Cubanos Residentes en Europa (ECRE), aware of the importance and the values of the economic and sociopolitical system adopted by our country, and its positive impact on our people and for other peoples, often forgotten and exploited by the great powers of the world. We resolutely condemn and repudiate the song that they have ignominiously titled Patria y Vida, as an affront to the Cuban people and Cuban history. For pursuing the same goals of those who, for so many years, have tried to bend us through hunger, disease and misery. The subject that the songwriters of the song have "suspiciously" forgotten.

Likewise, we reject the invitation to the European Parliament, supposedly to speak on behalf of the Cubans, to some of the participants in such a disgusting political pamphlet. A Parliament, which should listen to different voices, for its supposed "democratic values", but which mysteriously only likes to hear the songs supported and the financed by the same power that hates us and would like to see us on our knees. But Cuba is not a European nation.

The confused, the opportunists, the traitors, the disloyal to the country, have already been condemned by history. As part of the heroic people of the Island, we will never exchange a minute of glory, for all the wealth of the world, as Fidel taught us and with his words, pronounced on March 27th, 1960 we want to end:

“And may our enemies understand that such a people is not easy to attack; that a people like this cannot be defeated! Because we have definitely made ours, that slogan of the one who was the maximum expression of Cuban combativeness and courage, Antonio Maceo: “But whoever tries to take over Cuba will collect the dust of her soil drenched in blood, if she does not perish in the fight! “”

February 24th, 2021

Together X Cuba

Associations and Cubanxs Residents in Europe

Country or Death! We Will Win!

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JustGiving & Crowdfunder UK stop blocking humanitarian aid to save lives in Cuba

Cuba coronavirus vaccination

English | Español

This petition is to demand that the companies JustGiving and Crowdfunding UK stop blocking humanitarian aid intended to save lives in Cuba. Both companies have closed down our fundraising campaign set up to buy medical supplies, including syringes, to help Cuba’ vaccination campaign against COVID-19. Crowdfunding UK closed the fundraising page with £731 raised and JustGiving with almost £2000. While JustGiving has confirmed its action was because Cuba is 'one of the countries under [US] sanctions'; Crowdfunding UK has yet to provide a clear answer but made reference to issues with Stripe, an US company they use as a payment provider.

Imposing sanctions on UK interests for dealings with Cuba is illegal under UK law. In 1996, the British Parliament approved the Protection of Trading Interests Act, Order No. 3171 on ‘The Extraterritorial US Legislation’, which makes it an convictable offence to comply with the extraterritorial imposition of US sanctions against Cuba, among other countries.

Furthermore, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the United Nations has urged governments’ imposing sanctions on other countries to ‘urgently lift, suspend or minimise’ this type of coercive measure that prevent affected nations receiving medicines and medical supplies, food, and fuels.

We under undersigned demand that JustGiving and Crowdfunder UK stop blocking humanitarian aid to save lives in Cuba.

We ask the British government to take measures, in accordance with UK law, to penalise JustGiving and Crowdfunder UK, and all other US companies, applying the extraterritorial US legislation against British interests. 

What you can do to support this petition:

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Send a letter to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. and Crowdfunder UK
  3. Send a letter to Dominic Raab, Minister for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.
  4. Donate to the campaign.


JustGiving y Crowdfunder UK bloquearon la ayuda humanitaria para salvar vidas en Cuba

Esta petición es para exigir que las compañías JustGiving y Crowdfunder UK dejen de bloquear la ayuda humanitaria con el propósito de salvar vidas en Cuba. Ambas empresas han cerrado nuestra campaña de recaudación de fondos creada para comprar suministros médicos, incluidas jeringuillas, para ayudar en la campaña de vacunación de Cuba contra COVID-19. Crowdfunder UK cerró la página de recaudación de fondos con £731 recaudadas y JustGiving con casi £2000. Si bien JustGiving ha confirmado que su acción se debe a que Cuba es 'uno de los países bajo sanciones [de Estados Unidos]'; Crowdfunder UK aún no ha dado una respuesta clara, pero hizo referencia a problemas con Stripe, la empresa estadounidense que utilizan como proveedor de pagos.

La imposición de sanciones a los intereses del Reino Unido por tratos con Cuba es ilegal según la ley del Reino Unido. En 1996, el Parlamento británico aprobó la Ley de Protección de Intereses Comerciales, Orden No. 3171 sobre ‘La Legislación Extraterritorial de EE. UU.’, Que convierte en delito condenable cumplir con la imposición extraterritorial de sanciones de EE. UU. contra Cuba, entre otros países.

Además, en el contexto de la pandemia de Covid-19, las Naciones Unidas han instado a los gobiernos que imponen sanciones a otros países, para que 'levanten, suspendan o minimicen urgentemente' este tipo de medidas coercitivas que impiden que las naciones afectadas reciban medicamentos y suministros médicos, alimentos, y combustibles.

Los abajo firmantes exigimos que JustGiving y Crowdfunder UK dejen de bloquear la ayuda humanitaria para salvar vidas en Cuba.

Pedimos al gobierno británico que tome medidas, en conformidad con las leyes británicas, y penalise a JustGiving y Crowdfunder UK, y a todas las demás empresas estadounidenses, que aplican la legislación estadounidense extraterritorial contra los intereses británicos.

Qué puede hacer para apoyar esta petición:

  1. Firma la petición
  2. Envíe una carta a Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. and Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.
  3. Envíe una carta a Dominic Raab, Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. «Foreign & Commonwealth Office»
  4. Donar en nuestra campaña 

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