The US blockade of Cuba must end!

Cuba covid19 brigada

The Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
and First Secretary of State

House of Commons


Dear Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP

Subject: Cubans in the UK demand an end to the US blockade.

We, Cuban residents in the United Kingdom, are urging the British government to play a leading role discussing with the United States of America the need to lift the Embargo against our people. The fight against the covid-19 pandemic is stretching resources all over the world and even strong economies are facing enormous challenges. We are sure that you appreciate how hard the NHS is working to look after patients with COVID-19. No country in the world can survive isolated and even worse when a powerful country imposes a blockade which includes medicine and medical products.

Cuba is making an extraordinary effort to face this covid-19 pandemic. The country tries to save lives inside and outside its borders. Currently, all Cuban and foreign patients in Cuba suffering from the symptoms of COVID-19 are treated in hospitals, including thousands of people suspected of incubating this new coronavirus. Medical students guided by their professors are carrying out national surveys to identify the most vulnerable and high-risk people, as part of preventive medicine, a characteristic of the Cuban health system.

The country also guarantees tests to detect this virus, ensuring national coverage, as part of the strategy to control the spread of COVID-19. These tests are carried out by specialist personnel in three laboratories in the country with technology and experts trained in the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine. Following the indications of the World Health Organization, the fieldwork seeks to identify the foci and their contacts to proceed to the isolation of possible carriers of the disease. This effort in the early stages of the spread of COVID-19 ensures that the exposed population is reduced and with it the best use of the resources of the national Public Health system.

Cuban researchers in collaboration with Chinese colleagues, have worked intensively on the production of a new vaccine against the new coronavirus, the clinical trial of which continues and is expected to be completed in 2021. Also, of Cuban production, the recombinant Interferon alfa 2B has been used in clinical trials since the beginning of the pandemic in China and is available for those who require it in Cuba. Other treatments with international success in this pandemic are also applied in Cuba, among them the antiretroviral Kaletra, previously used in the treatment and prevention of AIDS, and the antiviral Oseltamivir, a generic of national production widely used in the treatment and prevention of influenza viruses (A and B). On the other hand, the distribution of the nationally produced homeopathic medicine Prevengho-Vir has begun, as a prophylactic measure to avoid viral contagion.

Cuban epidemiologist and experts broadcast daily to inform and educate the population on the measures to be followed. Cuba has so far sent medical brigades to 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Europe that have requested Cuban assistance to face this pandemic. While Cuban doctors are in different countries providing medical care, the US department continues to urge Cuban doctors to abandon their missions, offering them visas to travel to the United States. They have also issued a circular to third countries asking them to reject the Cuban medical brigades for being allegedly “slaves” of the Cuban government. The international thanks and support that Cuban doctors have received contrast with the political manipulation used by the US administration. Nothing justifies the United States aggressive and inhumane policy towards Cuba.

The pandemic is also having a negative impact on the world economy. In just a few weeks, the most developed countries have taken extraordinary measures to provide essential resources to their populations and avoid the chaos caused by scarcity of resources. Our country has had to face similar circumstances for more than 60 years, not because of natural catastrophes but because of the iron blockade imposed on our country by the United States.

On April 1, a donation of medical supplies from China sent to 24 countries in the region, including Cuba, could not land in Cuba due to the US economic and financial blockade. The European Union and the United Nations have called on the US government to relax sanctions so that countries like Cuba can access the necessary food and medicine during the pandemic. However, the Trump administration continues to act unilaterally. Cubans need the definitive end of the US Embargo and the cessation of aggressions against Cuba. 

We know about the good relationship between our countries, particularly in the areas of Education and Public Health. We witness your recognition and thanks to the Cuban government in response to the urgent situation experienced by the passengers of British cruise MS Braemar. The Cuban government allowed the docking of this vessels adopting the protocol established by the World health Organization and the Cuban Ministry of Health.

We now look forward to seeing a supportive and humane gesture towards Cuba.

Thank you in advance. Yours sincerely,

Dr Miriam Palacios and Mr Daniesky Acosta
Directors for the association Cubanos en UK

Lettre ouverte des Cubains résidents en Europe aux Présidents et Premiers ministres des pays de l'Union européenne

cubanos en europa contra el bloqueo

English | Español

Nous, Cubains résidents en Europe, demandons aux présidents et aux premiers ministres de l'Union européenne d'intervenir auprès du gouvernement des États-Unis pour qu'il lève le blocus économique, financier et commercial imposé à Cuba depuis le 2 février 1962. Depuis l'arrivée de Donald Trump à la Maison Blanche, son administration a renforcé sa politique d'hostilité envers Cuba à un niveau jamais vu auparavant : du 16 juin 2017 à ce jour, elle a appliqué 191 mesures coercitives, activant à partir du 2 mai 2019 le Titre III de la loi Helms-Burton dans le cadre des actions visant à étouffer l'économie cubaine et à obtenir un changement de "régime" à Cuba à tout prix et contre le peuple cubain.

Comme tous les pays, Cuba doit mobiliser d'immenses ressources pour faire face à la pandémie de SRAS-Covid19. Pour parvenir à vaincre cette maladie, notre pays a un besoin urgent de développer tout son potentiel économique, sans les innombrables obstacles que le gouvernement des États-Unis impose aux entreprises cubaines et étrangères qui voudraient faire des affaires avec Cuba, qui doit acheter du carburant, de la nourriture et des médicaments pour notre peuple.

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Open letter of Cuban citizens residing in Europe to Presidents and Prime Ministers of the European Union countries

Medicos cubanos italia coronavirus

Open letter of Cuban citizens residing in Europe to Presidents and Prime Ministers of the European Union countries

We, Cuban citizens residing in Europe, request Presidents and Prime Ministers of the European Union countries to call on the US government to lift the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on Cuba as of 2nd February 1962. Since coming to the White House, Donald Trump’s administration has tightened its hostile policy against Cuba to a level never seen before. Since 16th June  2017 until the present, 191 coercive measures have been applied and Title III of Helms Burton Act was activated from 2nd May 2019, as part of a set of actions intended to asphyxiate the Cuban economy and change the Cuban “regime” at all costs and against the Cuban people.

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I Live in Havana

I Live in Havana by Jordan Lancaster Ortega. Xlibiris Publishing. £15.99. Available to purchase here:

I live in havana

Signed copies available from the author for Cubanos en UK and friends. £10 + £2 p&p Write to: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

This is the charming tale of one young girl's life in Havana, told in both English and Spanish.

It gives readers an understanding not only of what it is like to live in Cuba, but also the priority the country places on children and their development.

Simple to follow with colourful images, it's ideal for opening a window to young children on how their counterparts around the world live and how their lives compare. Many areas are covered such as families, schooling, food, national holidays and recreation with something new learnt on every page. A great start to exploring the rest of the world.

Sian Sparrow

Source: From “Educate”, the magazine of the National Education Union (NEU) p. 39.

Cubans in the UK reject escalation of Trump's sanctions against Cuba

Letter sent to Christopher Pincher MP

cuba crisis combustibles
Electric Motorcycle Club gives a lift to passengers waiting for busses in Havana.

The Rt. Hon Christopher Pincher MP
Minister of State for Europe and the Americas
Office of Christopher Pincher MP
The Whitehouse, 93 Lichfield Street
Tamworth , B79 7QF

1 November 2019

Dear Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP

For almost 60 years we Cubans have suffered the effects of sanctions by the United States, sanctions known as an embargo or blockade. The damages accumulated during almost six decades of the application of this policy have reached the figure of $922.6 billion.

The current administration of President Donald Trump has tightened the blockade against Cuba.

This year, 2019, announcements and enforcement of new sanctions against Cuba have escalated; these are allegedly aimed at the government and the Communist Party. The facts show that the blockade continues to cause serious problems for the economy and the Cuban people.

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José Daniel Ferrer: Prisoner for gang member and camorrist

ferrermarco rubio1
Senator Marco Rubio and José Daniel Ferrer

English version by Miriam Palacios. Original article by M. H. Lagarde, published in his blog Cambios en Cuba

For several days, the Miami anti-Cuban mafia (represented by Marco Rubio and Mario Díaz-Balart), the American Embassy in Havana, the US State Department and his OAS’ henchman, Luis Almagro, have been distorting the reasons why José Daniel Ferrer has been imprisoned, alleging in their persistent defamation against Cuba, that he was arrested for been a "political opponent".

Although his defenders try to present the facts as another "violation of human rights" by the "regime," the self-proclaimed leader of the counter-revolutionary organization Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), has been in prison since October 1th, precisely not for political reasons but for his repeated offences (or recidivist acts) as a camorrist and a gang member.

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The American Blockade On Cuba, Indeed A Mistake

cuba articulo bloqueo
Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on national television

I have just received this email in my inbox related to a product I intend to receive in Europe and eventually transport to my family house in Havana:

‘The very knowledge that we are aware of [the] destination being Cuba disallows us from proceeding further.
‘Any subsidiary company of the US parent company is held to the same rules. So even though your products may come from Picardie (France), they are held to the same standard. 
‘Kindly excuse us from quoting.
‘Kind regards
Sales Department

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Scottish National Party MP Carol Monaghan opposes the US blockade of Cuba

unblock cuba

Scottish National Party MP Carol Monaghan has replied to a letter from Cubans in the UK demanding that the British government oppose the implementation of Title III of the United State’s legislation, the Helms-Burton Act of 1996, which enables US courts to enact legal claims against third parties dealing with Cuban entities. Below we publish Monaghan’s response.  

House of Common
London, SW1A OAA

Mr Daniesky Acosta

23 July 2019

Dear Mr Acosta,

Thank you for your email and letter concerning sanctions by the USA against Cuba.

It is a disappointing step backwards that President Trump has tightened sanctions and restrictions on Cuba that were relaxed under Barack Obama's Presidency. Of particular concern are the extraterritorial aspect of these sanctions, which are forbidden under international law.

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British MP Karen Lee opposes the US blockade of Cuba

cuba photo

On 1 July 2019, Cubans in the UK wrote to MP Karen Lee, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba, to demand that the British government oppose the implementation of Title III of the United State’s legislation, the Helms-Burton Act of 1996, which enables US courts to enact legal claims against third parties dealing with Cuban entities. This jeopardises all British interests in Cuba, and affects Cubans in Britain. Below we publish Lee’s response.  

Karen Lee MP

House Of Common
London, SW1A OAA

Dear Mr Acosta,

Thank you for your letter of 1st July regarding the US Blockade on Cuba.

The UK has long opposed the US embargo on Cuba and Karen shares your concerns about the US Administrations intensification of the blockade by ending the suspension on the Title Ill of the Helms-Burton Act on May 2nd 2019.

I am also aware that every president, Democrat and Republican, has waived this part of the Act on a six-monthly basis since it was passed in 1996. I am extremely concerned that the implementation of Title Ill represents an act of economic warfare in an attempt to worsen relations between the two countries.

Prior to the implementation of Title Ill, I raised my concerns with the International Trade Department and Foreign and Commonwealth Office. I specifically referenced the negative effect the legislation will have on thousands of European Companies who trade with Cuba and the restrictions it places on Cuba's export market.

I was reassured by the responding minister, Alan Duncan MP, who asserted that the government views the embargo's extraterritorial effects as illegal and that UK and EU businesses should not abide by it. The UK government has raised its concerns via the UK's Washington Embassy and the US's London Embassy, as well as in coordination with the European Union. The UK Government has committed to continuing to call on the US to reapply the waiver of Title Ill in accordance with the 1998 EU-US Memorandum of Understanding.

As Chair of the APPG on Cuba, I will continue to vigilantly monitor developments and actions taken by the UK and US governments. I work closely with the Cuban Embassy in London and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and rest assured that I will continue to oppose the implementation of Title Ill and lobby the government to ensure the UK maintains its obligations under international law.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss any of these issues further.

Kind regards,
Karen Lee MP

Constituency Office, Grafton House, 32 Newland, Lincoln LN1
Tel: 01522 420067

karen lee

Alexander Abreu & Havana d'Primera Live in Edinburgh

Alexander Abreu Havana dPrimera Live in Edinburgh


Havana D'Primera is a Cuban Timba band founded by Alexander Abreu in 2008. The band was founded by a collection of musicians from the Cuban music scene with totalling 17 members. Since their inception they have gone on to find international success. Bandleader and chief songwriter Abreu, a Latin Grammy Award-winning artist, has been noted for his highly sophisticated melodic voice and as a skilled instrumentalist who has made a career out of fusing rhythms across salsa, jazz, funk and Afro-Cuban.

Since their foundation the band have gone on to release four studio albums. Following the release of their debut album Haciendo Historia in 2011, their 2012 release Pasaporte was met with favourable reviews from the international press and was voted one of the top Latin alternative albums of the year by NPR listeners.

They followed the success of Pasaporte with La Vuelta al Mundo in 2015, which went on to benominated for 'Best Salsa Album' at the Latin Grammys in 2015. A live album, Haciendo Historia Live, arrived the following year before their most recent record Cantor del Pueblo in early 2018. Later that year the band received their second Latin Grammy nomination for 'Best Salsa Album’.

Haciendo Historia (2011)
Passaporte (2013)
La Vuelta al Mundo (2015)
Cantor del Pueblo (2018)



SUNDAY 23rd JUNE 2019
20:00 - Doors open to the Public
20:00 - 20:30 DJs on the decks
20:30 - 22.00 Alexander Abreu & Havana d Primera Live
22:00 - 00:00 DJs on the decks Party!!!
00:00 - Doors Close



9c Victoria St
Edinburgh EH1 2HE


£25 - Advance Ticket


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More Information Call Text/WhatsApp 07857 125 390



“Tres Dias” song from “Cantor del Pueblo” Album has more than 11Millions of reproductions on youtube

Tres Dias

Medicen Cuba

Que Sorpresa

La Bailarina


Belleza Latina

Feat Issac Delgado - Comentarios



For further Information Call/ Text/ WhatsApp 07857 125 390 or visit to buy your tickets

Presented by: Havana to Londres Ltd.

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