Cubana Clásica - A Night at the Opera in Havana

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Step into the spirit of Havana at this performance packed with new music by award-winning composers.

Cubana Clasica A Night at the Opera in Havana

A Night at the Opera in Havana features one of Cuba's most brilliant young concert pianists, Marcos Madrigal, with jazz virtuoso Omar Puente and opera singer Ann Liebeck.

The programme includes two world premieres and two UK premieres, with lyrics from work by master poets Federico García Lorca and Pablo Neruda.

The evening features music by Ernesto Lecuona, Cuba's answer to George Gershwin and contemporary Cuban composers Omar Puente, the LUKAS award winner 2016, and Guido López-Gavilán.

Plus, hear from Grammy Award-winning Cuban composer Yalil Guerra; Grammy Award-winning Argentinian composer Fernando Otero; and tango composer Julian Rowlands, who was Olivier Award-nominated alongside the cast of Midnight Tango.


  • Ann Liebeck soprano
  • Marcos Madrigal piano
  • Omar Puente violin
  • Julian Rowlands bandoneon

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