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Dear Secretary General Salil Shetty,

I am a Cuban who has lived in London for six years. I came to this country for family reasons and I appreciate the opportunities this country has given me. However, I continue to defend my country and I cannot remain silent while it is slandered with impunity in the media, in international institutions, by disreputable politicians and internationally recognised NGOs, just because it has a different system.

When it comes to respecting the rights of dissidents and respecting dissent, we must begin by hearing the claims of Cuba – a hardened dissident in defence of its rights as a nation.

I have read Amnesty International’s reports about the impact of the blockade imposed on the Cuban people and your advocacy for definitively ending it. I thank this important international organisation for that. I also appreciate your position in support of the Cuban Five.

I have also read Amnesty’s reports about Cuba and I agree that there is a need for greater democracy in our country, in the same way that this is needed in Spain, Italy, in England itself and above all in the United States. However, this will not be achieved through furious campaigns against Cuba, relentlessly stirred up by the petty political and economic interests of the powerful elite.

USAID invests $20 million every year to, among other things, sustain these campaigns against Cuba. By approving this allocation of money in Congress, the US government has tried to legitimise it, but we all know that it is not legitimate. There is no need to state why.

Cuba is not perfect, but the government is doing the best it can with its modest resources to live with honour, dignity and, what’s more, helping those who need it. This is not spoken about, however, because Cuba lacks the resources needed to influence the corporate media, provide funding to NGOs, convene the international community and use other instruments of manipulation.

It is because Amnesty International is a prestigious and necessary organisation that I have decided to write to you and draw your attention to information produced by friends in solidarity with Cuba who also dissent in their defence of Cuba, and in other publications without a position of solidarity but which also reveal exactly who the opposition in Cuba really is. I hope this will assist you with your analysis.

May I modestly suggest that, in order to understand the major manipulation that goes on in relation to the so-called political prisoners in Cuba, you read the article by Cuban novelist Rene Vázquez Díaz, ‘Elizardo Sánchez, Defensor de Asesinos’, published in Le Monde Diplomatique. In addition, to understand that this opposition are not the united block they claim to be look at the posts in the blog ‘Baracutey Cubano’, which is linked to extremist right-wing organisations in Miami and the blog ‘Dairio de Cuba’, administered by a Cuban dissident in Spain, which reveals that the Christian Liberation Movement and the family of Oswaldo Paya Sardina have disavowed Elizardo Sánchez Santacruz Pacheco and Alejandro González Raga and have made accusations about the death in Cuba of Oswaldo Paya Sardinas and Harold Cepero on 22 July 2012, claming that they were killed. Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz, on the other hand, to maintain a minimum of credibility and not to defend Cuba, has stated that the death of Paya ‘seems to be the result of an accident.’

To understand the truth about the Ladies in White, I recommend accessing a video recently posted in the website Cubainformacion.tv. It shows the Ladies in White speaking about internal corruption within their group, about despotism, about the payment they receive for their ‘dissidence’ and also about human rights.

Regardless of any political or ideological considerations, you cannot give credit to such people and continue to respect yourselves.

Thank you in advance for your time and I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

Yours Faithfully,

Daniesky Acosta

On behalf of Cubanos en UK

*This letter was originaly sent on the 5 May 2013. No response has yet been received.

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